Thursday, 17 January 2008

Suits You Scarf

More December back-blogging... I made two of these lovely scarves as Christmas gifts. I made one really early, in October possibly, hence the nicer weather and leaves on the trees in this picture (which also incorporates our broken garden fence!).
I cut enough fabric for two so came back and made another in the week before Christmas. The pattern is the Scarf Wrap from Denyse Schmidt 'Quilts'. The scarf is made from a mix of wool suiting fabric, corduroy and felt with various scraps of silky, chiffony type stuff and then backed with pink cotton. I've always liked mixed textures and the shots of colour make for a very pleasing scarf I think - perfect for enlivening a work outfit.

It was a good learning exercise too as it used the foundation piecing method - not one I'd used before but I can definitely see the value of it when working with fabrics of such different weights. I'm very happy with how these came out and just wish I'd had time to make one for myself! The only crafting I've been undertaking lately was adding a few rows of crochet to my never-ending ripple blanket as I lay in bed ill last week. I always think it's unfair that when you're ill and stuck at home you actually don't feel up to doing any crafting. I did watch the whole first series of 'Ugly Betty' though so I guess my time wasn't completely wasted!


Anonymous said...

Would you be able to make 2 or even 3 of these side by side, and then seperate them by cutting them in strips up their lengths? (does that make sense?)Obviously they'd need backing seperately....but it would be a good time saver for multi-makes if it could work! Fran no blog = anonymous!)

Cara said...

Hi Fran, Yes that's a great idea and would definitely save time. I suppose you'd keep the same length measurement but just multiply the width and then cut all the strips accordingly. Once everything was on the foundation piece you'd cut along the length and then, like you say, back each scarf individually. I must remember to try it soon!