Sunday, 6 January 2008

Wreath Lecture

Happy New Year everyone!

After being admonished by my family for not having posted recently I realised that I had better get some of my Christmas-related bits and pieces online before time renders them entirely irrelevant. Since it's 12th night today, I thought I'd post the pictures from our wreath walk on Boxing Day before the owners pack them all away! The walk took us through bits of west Kensington and Holland Park. As has become traditional (well, we've now done it two years running) we started the walk with a visit to the house of the late, great comedian Frankie Howerd, just to wish him Merry Christmas as it were.

I would say that the wreath on the Frankie Howerd house is about average size for the area - many however, get as grand as these ones:

But, if you are so posh that your house has an enormous double door, you may be forced to have not one but two wreaths:

The residents of this house didn't seem to have quite understood the level of grandeur required for a Kensington wreath:

Then we saw this along the side of Holland Park - it may have a house number and For Sale sign, but where, I ask, is the wreath?

Then we come to my favourite wreath - so ostentatious and, well, purple, that it takes up a full half of the door:

Here is a close up. I do not mean to offend any readers from across the pond, but my Mother reliably informs me that this house is inhabited by Americans. I can't help but admire their, well, balls!


KnittingJenny said...

Cara! I absolutely LOVE your idea of a Wreath Walk. That's great. And what a nice part of town to do it in. Meanwhile, here I am in the mountains of Colorado. This morning I awoke to a fresh blanket of snow. It's beautiful. Perfect knitting weather.
I hope to see you soon, but who knows when!

Bellenoelle said...

That purple one does look like the result of a trip to Michael's gone wild! Nice effect from a distance though...