Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Mushroom Pincushion

Some Christmas back-blogging. This is a little mushroom pincushion that I made as a gift for Miles' mum. She loves mushrooms and toadstools and I've been collecting bits of mushroomy material with her in mind. The master plan is a cushion, or some such, for her toadstool guest room but since, just before Christmas, she lamented that her pincushion was giving up the ghost, I saw where I could put some of the stash to good use in the short term.

To make the pincushion I followed this tutorial from whipup. The top was made from mushroom print cotton (with iron-on interfacing for extra strength) and the base was from some red wool suiting material. I finished the top with a lovely vintage cream plastic button (which came in a wonderful assortment from my aunt some time ago) and on the back I covered a small button with some of the main fabric.

This was my first pincushion since a cross-stitch one I made in school when I was about 11 and I'm really pleased with it. It was a very quick and very satisfying project and I was even able to rope Miles in as Chief Pincushion Stuffer. I think I may do some more of these in the coming year.


Bellenoelle said...

Loving the shroomy fabric (with helpful numbers!) and the perfect positioning of it on your button, too.

Larissa-in-Australia said...

Oooh that's absolutely perfect! I love it.

KnittingJenny said...

I LOVE the pin cushion! It's great. It really looks professional.