Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Square Dance

Starting this blog has got me thinking about all the older pieces I've made which I never managed to photograph and catalogue. With this in mind I finally got round to taking some pictures of this granny square blanket I made for my Dad at the end of last summer. He has always enjoyed a little TV watching and/or snooze on the bed tucked up under one of their various crochet blankets. As he was due to start his radiotherapy I thought he would probably be needing more snooze time than normal so I made this blanket.
It is very well travelled having been on a road trip from Virginia to Oklahoma (and back again) with me last summer whilst under construction. I finished it on the plane coming back and got blue fingers from the yarn on the final two rows! It was worked on a 6mm hook with various aran weight Debbie Bliss yarns. Anyway, with Dad's treatment done and dusted (successfully, thank goodness) the blanket has become a well used permanent fixture, and it's now ever so slightly felted as you can see in the pictures.
As I was taking the pictures today some investigative felines appeared: first Agnes...
who was soon followed by the loyal Pip.

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Princess Petunia said...

That is very nice. Are you willing/able to tell me what the pattern is?

I am learning to crochet, and am having a wretched time finding a granny square pattern that I like. Yours is quite nice, and I'd like to give it a go.