Sunday, 19 August 2007

I Only Have Eyes for You

Having agreed, due to wedding savings, to keep birthday and Christmas presents on the small side this year, I decided to make a gift for Miles' birthday. He recently got contact lenses for the first time so he needs to carry his glasses around along with spare lenses and eye drops. In honour of this, I came up with the eyechart pouch which I thought could take any combination of these.

I found a vintage eyechart online which I printed out on a transfer sheet (but of course there was the obligatory wasting of the first sheet before I remembered to flip the image!).

Having ironed the image onto white cotton I made it up into a pouch using a lovely reproduction 30s fabric which I bought in the fabulously surreal Branson, Missouri last year. (It's a sort of Christian, middle-American Las Vegas. Here is the 'Hollywood Exhibition' venue.

Who exactly are the figures meant to represent, because, frankly, it's a little hard to tell?!)

I used Anna's excellent tutorial for making a pouch but modified it to include batting behind the front layer. I quilted these two layers together around the square frame on the front and along the vertical lines of the pattern on the back.

This was a really fun piece to make and reminded me of all the iron-on transfer possibilities. Maybe I can include some of this in my Christmas present thinking...


KnittingJenny said...

Talk about iron-on transfer possibilities. Oh my gosh, I never thought of it. But you've got me thinking. This is so cool. What a great idea. And thanks for the link to Anna's zip pouch tutorial. I need to make a zip pouch now. Maybe with some of my Liberty fabric stash? Oh, and lastly, it make me laugh aloud (and frightens me too) that you've been to places like Missouri.

Manda - Treefall said...

Fantastic! And I'm very, very jealous of that fabric - I was given a teeny tiny piece of that print by someone ages ago (one 2 inch strip!) and I loved it so. I haven't been able to find any since. Missouri huh? Might be a little too far to travel!