Monday, 13 August 2007

The Cardie, the Cake and the Oven Glove

Our friends Poppy and James had a little baby girl 3 months ago and in honour of Roseanna Maeve's birth I decided to make the Pea Pod Baby Set by Kate Gilbert. For once I miraculously had the specified yarn - Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere - in my stash, albeit in purple not green. I made the cardie without the hat on 4mm needles, and I have to say, it was a very enjoyable pattern to do: the lace panel gave me just enough to keep me interested in each row but not so much that my brain hurt!
What really sold me on it, though, was the wonderful detailing on the ribbing - so cute!

I was very pleased with the lace - I've only done small pieces before and this definitely helped build my confidence. I'm just not sure my propensity for knitting in front of the TV could cope with a whole lace project, though. I'll have to wait and see.

Roseanna seemed very pleased with her cardie but didn't model it - I made the 6 months size so hopefully she'll fit it once autumn sets in.

As well as going to see little Roseanna, we also got to see her lovely two year old brother, Daniel, who has taken a great big shine to Miles and insisted on sitting on his lap so they could read all his books together. It was definitely a heart-melty moment for me!

As if the new baby isn't enough to be getting on with, Poppy and James are currently renovating their first house too! We went to see them there, even though they haven't moved in yet. I made a quick oven glove as a (rather early) moving in present.

It's based on the Too Hot to Handle Oven Mitt pattern from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. It's one of those perfect gift projects that can use up left-overs. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the binding comes from the Dominic and Carolyn quilt!

I also made a Pumpkin Loaf to take for tea. (As well as being polite, taking baked goods when we travel ensures Miles will always have a vegan tea option!) The loaf is from a recipe that Anna gave me a while ago and it's one of my absolute favourite cakes. I made this one with some frozen homemade pumpkin puree which I think made it extra-specially good. Between the four of us and Daniel we only got through about half of it but I figured you just can't ask to take back some of your own gift to eat later. Shame though!


Bellenoelle said...

the baby jumper is too-too! and what a little doll for a model.

i remember you working on it in putney, i think (jumper, not baby)...

Jenny said...

Wow. The cardigan is beautiful. I love the way it turned out. It's an interesting pattern. The cake looks lovely too....which reminds me: we missed you today at the ktog!

purl pirate said...

Oh, the cardigan is lovely! It's definitely going on The List.

Chez Tine said...

bonjour cara
c'est agréable de visiter ton blog
plein de jolies créations tricot/crochet
et cette petite fille aux yeux étonnés est bien mignonne
le gilet n'est pas mal non plus ;-)