Saturday, 25 August 2007

Quilting Green Paper

My first Japanese craft books arrived in the post last week from YesAsia. I got Machine Made Patchworks and then, because it seemed such a waste not to make the free shipping threshold, I added From Quilters Studio too. I had seen Machine Made Patchworks around but was finally motivated to buy it by this post from Manda at Tree Fall Design where she discusses the lovely red quilt she made for her daughter. I've been thinking about doing a quilt for our bedroom and have had some fabric in mind for it. I have a bit of a thing for log cabin designs and I think Manda's quilt with the single colour palette and solid centres is beautiful and really effective. This is the log cabin quilt which features in the book:

I'm planning to do a two-tone colour scheme in yellow and green for ours. I have seven patterns in each tone, mostly half yards and fat quarters.

I cut a few test strips so I could lay out some ideas I had for blocks. For the first one I mixed the colours, using a block of one colour for the middle rounds and the other for the outside.

This second one is a little truer to the book (and Manda's design): sticking to using one colour in the centre and one colour on the outside, I mixed up the fabrics within each colour area.

Although I really like the effect of the second design, I think I will stick to the first one: I like the idea of foregrounding the colour work and letting each fabric speak for itself. Also, Miles prefers symmetry and order so I know the first one is more to his liking. Since he has to share the bed with me, I feel it's only fair his taste is considered too!

For the overall design I'm planning to alternate blocks with green and yellow centres and then maybe join the whole thing together with plain purple borders. Could be a while before it's finished, of course, but the planning is almost as much fun as the making!


Manda - Treefall said...

Ooo, it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous quilt! Can't wait to see it finished.

Jane Weston said...

Hi..just found you through Tree Fall and I've been reading your blog and I love what I see. The eye glass case is very clever and I like the log cabin you are planning...the colours are great. I've added you to my bloglines so I'll be back.


AmberCake said...

That's gonna be one sweet piece of work! I think the simpler, bolder look will work really well. Simpler sometimes requires slightly more careful planning, but it looks like you've got that together!

Anonymous said...

hey,,, nice piece but i think color is to much u can use same family of colors it will look awsome in that thxzzzzzzzzz..........:)