Monday, 1 October 2007

La Moda

After a long journey through the American and British postal systems (most notably the black-hole that is the Broad Lane sub-post office, N15), the beautiful piece that I won in the One in Ten auction arrived today.
It's a small collage by the incredibly talented Lisa Congdon. I've followed Lisa's blog for the last couple of years and I really enjoy her work, her philosophy and her cats (who sadly appear rather less in her new art-focused blog, oh well).

I particularly like the sewing ephemera in this piece and the vibrancy of the red goes very well with the blue in our living room. And I had a bit of a thing for stamps when I was little. (I still have a giant tin of old ones somewhere - maybe I should use Lisa as inspiration and do something creative with them...)

We just have to work out where to hang the picture now. The big question is, should it take the place of the signed photo from the cast of Scrubs, or is that sacreligious?!


Bellenoelle said...

That is really lovely - can't beat some prettily framed sewing ephemera! (And can't beat the word 'ephemera' either...)

Arianne said...

It's beautiful! I think it totally beats Scrubs...though if it was a signed photo of the cast of The Green Wing...well, that'd be a different story.

Bellenoelle said...

You know you can put a Scrubs app in your facebook profile?