Saturday, 13 October 2007


Our little friends Agnes and Pip came to stay with us for a whole seven days last week as my parents were away on holiday. We took them back home last night and I'm missing them already. It was wonderful to have them for so long as they really settled in - after a couple of days there wasn't even any hiding under the bed. There were some early problems with our feet (and other body parts) being attacked in the middle of the night but we worked out a good system which saw the cats spend the nights in the kitchen with access to their food, litter and no human toes.

I was excited to see that my lap quilt was a big hit with Pip - praise indeed for the handcrafts, I feel. Here he is snoozing with paws over his eyes on the living room floor...

...and here a little more alert on a dining chair.
I made them a little ball of cotton to play with which was so popular I made them another to take back to Mum and Dads'.

This was a super easy (and effective) toy - I hand-wound some cotton yarn and then with the final 20cm or so threaded on a yarn needle I fed the end up and down through the ball to secure as much of the yarn as I could. This way the cats can abuse it as much as they like but it's very hard to unravel! Actually the pink yarn was from Noel, and since she's a cat lover, I hope she won't mind the use I put it to!

I will leave you with this incredibly cute picture of Pip.

As the British sometimes say, 'pip, pip for now'.


Arianne said...

They are sooo cute!! :) I think they need cuddles!

Bellenoelle said...

Yes, I love that the pink yarn is now beloved by the kitties in a highly effective toy.

Do I sense some favourtism towards Mr Pip?

Anonymous said...

i love yarn too!
Just as your friends there do.
I was updating my blog when I came across the pictures of your friend Pip who looks surprisingly identical to me, well, except for the tail. See I'm a manx cat.