Friday, 29 February 2008

Clever Cat

The beautiful and very clever Agnes had her kittens last Saturday! There are four, two boys and two girls. Three are dark with assorted markings, but seem to be getting a little lighter already, while one looks very much like her mother. The names are still a work in progress. At the moment Dickens is offering some inspiration, as he has done for Thornton Rodway cats for many years, although the second source, Brambly Hedge books, are coming in a strong second.

Pip seems to be somewhat confused by the whole process, understandably. However, he's not eaten the kittens so far, so at least that's a good sign!


Caroline Lesniak said...

Congrats on the kittens! They look lovely.

Noël said...

Don't forget Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats if you're still in the market for kitty monikers!

They are so sweet. I got a glimpse last week when I was email chatting with your Pop (shoptalk).

andrew said...

That cat should be on stage. What a performer.So theatrical. Can't think where she gets it from! and the kittens, like the mum, are divine,