Saturday, 22 September 2007

Local Colour

I must admit that went I first moved to N15 several years ago my knowledge of its charms was limited to the fact the the rent was affordable and the house inhabitable. When Miles and I came back last year having bought our flat, I felt I knew a little more about the area but I'm always surprised at the treats that it has in store in the most unexpected places. I found one of these last week in the form of the wonderful interior of a Chinese restaurant on Kingsland High Street. Once an eel and pie shop, the tiles are a fantastic teal and green (two of my favourite colours). There are great details like the entwined eels on the mirrors and there was a mosaic of an eel by the door. The food was lovely too ("Buddhist Monks'" Vegetable Hot Pot" plus dumplings and spring rolls) so I'm definitely going back.
Today Miles and I went for a walk down the River Lea, taking in the end-of-summer fine weather. The river is a great little oasis, so slow and quiet compared with the city all around it.
We were walking south and got as far as the Walthamstow Marshes where we found cows! I've seen them before from the train but it was such a treat to see them there, just getting on with their grazing in the middle of London. I love those little flashes of the rural which you occasionally find in the city - like having the best of both worlds!


Arianne said...

I love walking by the River Lea. Some areas aren't so nice, but others are lovely. :)

Where's this Chinese restaurant with the beautiful tiles?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was so surprised to log on to your blog to see photos of 'my' Chinese restaurant, how funny! The food is good, but they changed the menu a few weeks back so my partner is grieving about the roast duck.