Monday, 5 May 2008

Kitty Kapers

Please say hello to our new four-legged friend, Emily.

Our big excitement on getting back from holiday was adopting one of Agnes' kittens, so last Sunday Miles and I went over to my parents' house and collected little Emily. She was good as gold on her tube and bus journeys, even going to sleep (I've never known any cat to do that in a carry basket!).
This week she has made herself thoroughly at home, and then this weekend she's started to explore the garden too. Although, like any kitten she spends most of her time bouncing around, scrambling up furniture and pouncing on anything that moves, she has also shown a propensity for curling up next to me while I'm reading on the sofa. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! She's absolutely gorgeous. Larissa x

anna said...

Eee! She's too cute!

Maura said...

she's adorable!!! it was great to meet you, too - and i'm looking forward to keeping up with your travels and crafts on the blog! i'll add you on flickr too. thanks so much for your hospitality - and for the fabric recommendations! i bought an orla kiely bag and some fabric and trim... we had a great time.