Saturday, 8 March 2008

Flowers from the Estate

I am disproportionately excited about these daffodils because they are the first blooms from the Rodway-Eady estate. Ok, so, the term 'estate' is a little grand for our garden but I'm aiming for big things. This was how the garden stood last November when I spent about 3 hours clearing a makeshift flowerbed (with only hand-tools, I hasten to add):

The extent of the plant growth over the rest of the garden gives you a feel of what I'm up against! We share our tiny urban garden with our neighbours on the ground floor - the sink which you can glimpse in the far left hand corner is theirs. Lovely. They only use the garden for hanging their washing and sitting outside to smoke in the summer. Given that they clearly have no designs on garden design (as it were), I feel more than entitled to plant whatever I like. I'm sticking to our side for the time being, though. At the moment this is the best view.

I've installed a compost bin at the end, under the tree, and have daffodils and irises in the flower patch (there should be crocuses too, but the squirrel has munched them down to nothing!). Nearest the camera is a planter with parsley, thyme and rosemary. As you can see, the major problem is the broken fence. The plan is to replace this once we get back from Hawaii at the end of next month, and to raise the bed so I can plant vegetables to see us through the summer. I have ordered some shade-loving plants to put in the built-up concrete bed at the back which will hopefully give the garden a little more shape. For now, I'm enjoying the amazing smell from the daffodils - so much stronger than any shop-bought ones. I feel positively green-fingered!


Anonymous said...

As a general rule, isn't it true that when you look down your garden the fence to your right belongs to your next door neighbour, and the one to your left to you? Check your deeds, it could save you lots of £s.... in very old houses (my mother lives in one) the fence issue has to be negotiated with the neighbour, and the cost (and/or labour) split...You will need to watch those kitties once they get outside, they will be very tempted to escape through that fence and explore the world beyond!

Cara said...

We were planning to talk to our neighbours on the right about the fence. It's definitely in their interest to get it fixed too as the big gaps mean pebbles from their path keep spilling into the flower bed! The little kittens are actually at my parents' house and the cats have the run of their garden (and the neighbours') so the kittens will certainly be off exploring as soon as they can!

Noël said...

About that about some guerilla gardening? You could go under cover of night and plant something in it! ;o)