Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Advent in Blogland

Thinking about how much work I did (and how much fun I had) putting Miles' advent calendar together, I thought it might be a nice idea to use the pictures to do a virtual advent calendar here on the blog. I should explain straight off that none of these pictures were taken by me - they are all things I turned up using Google Image search. Obviously I've got a few days backed up, so here, for one day only, laydeez and gentlemen, are three, yes three, advent doors for your delight and delectation! Drum roll, please...

December 2nd:

December 3rd:

I want it!! This does, however, remind me of a notable childhood fancy dress party: my Dad made me an excellent firework costume out of a cardboard box - I was small enough that my whole body fitted inside - unfortunately, I experienced a problem know to many of our insect relatives... if I was pushed onto my back I couldn't get up. The other children found great enjoyment in tipping me over onto my friend Alice's bed. Meaneys.
And for today, December 4th:

Ho Ho Ho. Cats and Christmas - what's not to love?!

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